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Managed brands

With Alpintech.at you receive exclusively qualitatively high-quality products of well-chosen manufacturers. Besides, we take up beside brands with a big name also smaller suppliers who are a market leader in her area in our assortment. Currently you find in our on-line shop for Outdoor and climbing need article of the following brand suppliers:

  • ARVA avalanches safety products

    Absolutely indispensably for the ambitious tour walker. Beside the maximum in security the LVS technology of ARVA guarantees the highest operator's friendliness and excellent wear comfort. By optimised broadcasting reach and broadcasting achievements as well as point-exact detection ARVA with his LVS products belongs to the world market leaders.

  • MOUNTAIN MONK Downhill scooter

    The German backpack and Outdoor specialist KOGA has landed a coup again: the MOUNTAIN MONK. What is that? Well, fast explains: a sort of scooter which can be folded to a backpack. In spite of his low weight is suitable of the BERMÖNCH really solidly and with it for rapid departures in the area very well. With this Downhill of scooters the subject Mountaineering receives an absolutely new dimension – more action, more fun and protection for the knee joints!

  • Connections DIAMIR FRITSCHI

    The condition also fits – the material? An easy functionality and raised loading capacity distinguish the tour connections of the Swiss of manufacturer DIAMIR. After a rise with the highest walking comfort every still so quick and wild departure becomes by the excellent stability and to take out safety for the sure pleasure.

  • EXPED (mats, tents, sleeping-bags)

    Outdoor equipment of EXPED – a concept for confirmed mountaineers, travellers or Trekker. Expeditions, travelling vacations or extreme tours require the best material on which one can count, so that the regeneration times can be used actually. The portfolio EXPED encloses the complete Outdoor assortment: Tents, sleeping-bags, mats, bivvy bags, backpacks, trekking floors and still a lot more.

  • GARMONT Ski tour shoes

    For five generations the Italian manufacturer GARMONT offers excellent quality and unusual collections of Outdoor shoes. Worldwide adventurers trust in snow and ice, in sand and rock on the e.

  • GASSER sledges

    The history after the borders known and popular Gasser sledge decreases till 1909. Since that time sportsmen of all nations to great success could register with Olympia, EM and world championship. But also for the amateur toboggan’s a guarantor is the Gasser sledges for excellent stability and unclouded departure fun.

  • HAGAN Ski

    The absolute light weight under the tour ski – 790 grams! – comes from Austria: HAGAN, founded in the 20s, could develop with his highly qualified developing experts and production experts to the leading manufacturer of innovative ski collections for professionals and amateurs.


    Who loses ground, depends on reliable security equipment. All the same whether one moves deeply underground, on the highest mountains or "only" along from high rises – Petzl offers for every application the perfect seat and holds belts, Roping and protection devices as well as the indispensable protective helmets.

  • TSL Snowy shoes

    The enterprise TSL OUTDOOR resident in France is specified for over 20 years on the development by snowy shoes. To outbid hardly in litheness, ease and comfort – thus the judgment of a customer. To more than 60 registered patents TSL make the world market leader in punkto snowy shoe.

  • ZOOT Run shoes

    Light-hearted running – in the truest sense of the word. Run shoes ZOOT also fulfil the highest demands by her excellent qualities: extremely low weight, optimum support of the foot and efficient push damping on all distances. The special ZOOT technology allows very fast closing of the shoe without bandages and running free of sock with a special silver coating. A Service from PROMT excellent processing the cellular mountain, travelling shoes and trekking shoes.