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Order process

Order process, simply and comfortably order

How can I order from ALPINTECH ?

1. Goods basket

Select the products which you would like to order, while you click "in the goods basket" badge. Your choice is thereby laid in the goods basket. They can change this choice up to sending your order any time in which you change the number of the products, extinguish by clicking the small box "removing" the choice or break off the order process. By clicking the badge "cash" you reach to the next order step.

2. Cash

Announce yourselves please with your email address and your password if you already a customer account own, otherwise register yourselves please as a new customer. Their data are raised considering the data protection-juridical regulations, are processed and used (data protection tip). Another use or passing on into three parts does not occur. If you are already announced, now you can select the dispatch kind. By click of the badge of "wide" you reach to the next order step.

3. Calculation address examine / mode of payment select

Check now your calculation address and give your desired mode of payment. By click of the badge of "wide" you reach to the next order step.

4. Dispatch address examine / dispatch kind select

Check now your dispatch address and give your desired dispatch kind. By click of the badge of "wide" you reach to the next order step.

5. Terms and Conditions and cancellation instruction conclude / order process

They receive an overview of your order: the well-chosen products, the dispatch and calculation address and your contact data. Check whether all information is right and the general terms of business and the cancellation instruction peruse themselves please carefully. They can continue with the order only if you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the cancellation instruction (hook place). With clicking the badge "Now shop" you send your order to us. Here with you deliver a legally binding offer.